Business Spotlight

September Business Spotlight

Beyond GREEN, LLC is a family-owned business. Veejay Patel is the CEO and his two sons, Achyut Patel and Rudy Patel, serve as the Director of Operations and Director of Business Development, respectively. Veejay and his family moved to California from India in the 90s. Prior to establishing Beyond GREEN, Veejay successfully operated Prosourcing, Inc. which is a company that manufactures products from sustainable materials. Upon earning a reputation as a leader and expert in the plastics manufacturing industry during his career of almost 20 years, Veejay decided to start his own business to push the use of bioplastics, a greener alternative to traditional plastics.

Why did you choose to locate in Lake Forest?

Both Rudy and Achyut grew up in Orange County and wanted to provide jobs to the community that supplied them with a solid education and opportunities for growth. When they visited the Lake Forest facility and saw the interconnected community of business in the area, they knew it was the correct spot for their business.

Any special or promotions you’d like to advertise?

Use code LAKEFOREST15 on our website to receive 15% off your order.

What types of services does your business offer?

Our team knows A LOT about compostable and biodegradable products. If anyone in the area has questions on how to become a greener consumer, we are always here to help! We even supply our bags and dispensers to parks and cities to help reduce the pet waste problem that we see all over!

All of our products are certified as compostable, which means that they break down much faster than traditional plastics and they even provide sustenance for microorganisms in the soil. We have been successful in entering the pet industry, and we are working our way into the waste management and grocery industries.

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